Our control systems are designed to bring you and your process or equipment up to modern day standards. Even a control system installed as little as 10 years ago will now be suffering from a number of potential issues:

  1. Lack of expandability of PLC I/O
  2. Lack of transparency and difficulty in obtaining valuable data on the process
  3. Cumbersome and slow communications (if present at all)
  4. High running costs
  5. Increased component failures and shorter component life spans between failures
  6. Lack of redundancy. Is that component critical to your process?

Modern PLC controls have moved forwards technologically whereby separate PLC and HMI (or MMI) were the norm, requiring multiple communication protocols and interconnections. The modern day PLC and HMI are now available as a combined unit, such as the Eaton XV series with inbuilt Smartwire PLC control and HMI all in one unit. Highly cost effective, durable and versatile and with a wide range of protocols to enable integration into a wide range of industry standard fieldbuses (Profibus, Profinet, Canopen, Devicenet, Ethercat to name a few), so there are many opportunities to upgrade your existing equipment or, for a new process, design and build in the functionality that you desire for YOUR process…….. NOT what your controls supplier wants to suit them.

The world is your oyster and you have the means at your disposal to source the right solution for your application and not a compromise on quality, functionality and reliability.

Downtime and failure to perform costs your business money and its ultimately its reputation.

Why risk it on poorly performing controls?