Control Panels

smartwire-1PLC/SmareWire DT

Our default control panel automation system utilises the Eaton SmartWire DT Control platform, each system is made to customer requirements for process control from small systems through to heavy duty and complex tasks such as Furnace Cooling Systems, Conveyor Systems, and Precision Measuring Systems.



easy-2Programmable Relay/Easy (Titan)

Our light duty and conventionally wired systems are made to customer requirements for tasks such as individual machine and furnace cooling controls, simple to medium duty automation and machine tasks (pump and fan applications for example)



Existing PLC Integration Systems

With the SmartWire DT platform our systems are able to integrate with existing PLC control platforms such as Rockwell and Siemens to provide customers with a SmartWire DT panel solution without having to remove the existing controller, making it a cost effective way to get the optimum solution. We also design and manufacture control panels utilising Mitsubishi, Omron, and Fanuc PLC control to customer requirements.


rockwell-1 rockwell-2 siemens-1 siemens-2