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SmartWire DT Lean Solutionssmartwire-1

Our SmartWire DT control panels are designed to be an Innovative solution to a conventional problem.

Lean Solution ensures a considerable reduction of all costs from planning and engineering, material use and wiring, right through to commissioning
and subsequent maintenance. This creates the engineering freedom needed for creative and economical solutions.

SmartWire-DT makes it possible to easily connect switchgear in control panels, as well as sensors and actuators outside control panels. It is not only designed to replace time-consuming and error-prone point-to-point control wiring, but also reduces the work and complexity involved in putting systems together. For example, it eliminates the need to test wiring and makes commissioning significantly easier. In addition, later expansions can be easily added by simply connecting new devices to an existing SmartWire-DT communications cable.


SmartWire DT Systems

The advantages of SmartWire-DT start from the planning stage. For starters, the system eliminates the need for traditionally required PLC inputs/outputs, eliminating a time-consuming step in initial project phases. This also means that the space that this I/0 would normally take is freed up, making the use of smaller control panels possible. The result is not only added flexibility, but also the elimination of additional costs. Moreover, the use of fewer components reduces the number of orders that need to be placed, while also keeping the electrical design work involved more manageable.

smartwire-2Smarter Wiring

With SmartWire-DT, conventional control circuit wiring is replaced with one single continuous ribbon cable. This completely eliminates wiring mistakes, as switchgear can be easily plugged into the ribbon cable. The guaranteed result is safe and error-free switchgear installations combined with significantly shorter commissioning times.

smartwire3Smarter Operating

Using SmartWire-DT not only provides advantages during the planning, configuration, and installation stages, but also during operation. For example, the communication system not only makes it possible to transmit traditionally accessible process data, but also details concerning the availability and state of connected switchgear. This information provides unparalleled data transparency that makes it possible to avoid errors and optimize operation. The end result – improved machine performance and availability.

smartwire4Smarter Visualisation

With SmartWire-DT the controller’s I/0 layer is integrated into the corresponding switchgear, enabling XV100 HMI PLCs to use SmartWire-DT to directly access digital and analog data from control circuit devices all the way to circuitreakers. This makes it possible to combine visualization and control functions in a single powerful and compact unit, reducing the number of components and engineering work and enabling users to create flexible, yet streamlined automation solutions.